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Text for Page 065 [12-17-1849]

              migrateth, being expedited out of door way by pedal ac-
celeration of John Haun, and justly.  Also �Ned� the
behind-left-by-Steamer, Steward.  Also an Irish widow, who
hath for some ten-days sojourned here.   Also (for a season) prin-
ter John Rankin; whom I, this morning witnessed at his profes-
sion avoations, in the office of the Jersey �Sentinel.�
  18. Tuesday.  �Mose� till Evening.   A thousand, thousand,
thoughts of the dear face I am so far from. I have more love than
hope; � it is the reverse with her � so I judge.  Oh God, what
would I not give to hold her in my arms now!   How long � how
long � ?
  19. Wednesday.  Big poster all day.  Wrote to Joe in the eve-
  20. Thursday. �Mose� all day. Head-aching and irritability.
Evening, took out Quixote and read a little.  What a grave, kindly Shaks-
pere-like Spaniard was Cervantes.   How finely are the characters of the
poor Don and Sancho elaborated in the Second part. ( How well too, is the
scurrilous, plagiarizing, self-dubbed Avallaneda rebuked in its Preface.)
Page, soldier, scholar, poet, enslaved and mutilated in the service of his
country, � that country he loved and writ for, � Miguel de Cervantes, I
honour thee.  How well should I like to pilgrimage in the footsteps of
thy noble-hearted and not ridiculous hero.
  21. Friday.  Big poster, which I finished by 8 in the evening.  Then
feeling irritable, lonely, disgust with the four walls that have enclosed me               
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