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Text for Page 208 [07-28-1852]

              that 99 out of every hundred men would do it.  The
young fellow whom last night I met on Goat Island
Bridge assumed a little heroism about it.  I had
fancied it an awful business � it�s not.  It�s not
a great achievement to do.   And By Jupiter Omni-
potent its worth ten times the peril.     I had anticipat-
ed the path to have been a rocky shelf projecting
out thus [small sketch here] where as it is not, but a slanting
surface of broken rocks, slippery, moveable, but
thus. [small sketch here] [word crossed out] I should have that most magnificent
shower bath every day if I lived on the Canadian
side.        Return.   Crossed in a crowded boat
to the American side, with a regular crowd.  Right
across � a view, both falls.         Up the awfully,
tiring staircase.   Parted with my sensible & pleasant
companion, and to my little boarding house.   Ate
an enormous supper and out again.    To Goat Is-
land.    After a bit of a ramble, to the tower sum-
mit where I stayed three good hours gazing out
at the Cataract.                   How it grows on you,
how great, how grand, how absorbing it is. The 
awe and beauty of Niagara no tongue can tell!
It�s the best approach to Eternity�s image I can
imagine.       Nor can I essay to stomp  the
impressions, the strange wild imaginings the mind
concieves their.     How amid that vexed vortex of
raging foam and thundering noise you can
imagine ghostly storm spirits, rising up and up
flitting and shrieking, or hovering here and there               
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