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Text for Page 209 [07-28-1852]

              � how you gaze and gaze and are never satisfi-
ed, or like to be.     How beautiful that lunar
Rainbow, rising from the foaming abyss and span-
ning the troubled sea of waters is � how calmly,
fitfully, spectrally beautiful, quivering so, now
hardly perceptible, now its tints plainly discernable
  /   A ramble all round Goat Island with its
woody shores.     The mad, terrible waves rushing
on to fall with that drum-like thunderous sound
into the Cataract below .          Returned late &
to bed to the sound of Niagara.
  29. Thursday.  Cockneys off.   Writing up, then
to the American fall above, then below. Rowed
across in the boat for [unclear word].  To the Horseshoe
fall, there all the morning watching it from
above and below, Sitting just beside when the 
waters make the plunge.    Half a pie & ice cream,
then into the woods margining the river above
the fall.  Noting the troubled water hurrying on.
Had a doze in the shade.   Off, tramping along
a hot & dusty road, after a precipitous ascent.
Very pleasant to think I was in Canada .  Had an
agreable confirmation of it in getting English pennies in
change at a roadside hostel, where the man wouldn�t take
payment for milk so I had beer afterwards. Per-
chance the good fellow thought I could ill afford it.
I didn�t look very dignified, assuredly.   Pants tuck-
ed into my long, stout boots to preserve them from
dust and wet, no vest, throat all bare, and my
loose green coat carried over my shoulder on a stick.
White wide awake hat worn on the sunny side,
long and ruffled hair and yellow beard, long too
� this instance of goodnature in reprising money
shewed out is pleasantly in contrast with the usages               
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