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Text for Page 210 [07-29-1852]

              on the other sine just not [unclear words] into
you awfully in the way of payment.    Another
miles walk and descending the bank I arrive at
a little shanty where I pay a shilling and am
forthwith inducted into the adjoining room to see
the Burning Springs.    A Circular hole in the floor,
water stirring and bubbling beneath, and above it
a rude bell shaped contrivance to collect the
rising gas, � a light being applied to a tube at
the top of which a great jet of flame, half
a yard long burst up, blazing bonnily.  The
water tasted pleasantly, though slightly flavored
with sulphur.  A boy shows it.  Talking with
him for half an hour or so, seeing him put his
finger unhurt in the flame, seeing him light
up the whole water, &c,  then a strip and
wash in a little cranny farther on beside the
rushing raging river.   Very cool & pleasant.
Return to little shanty.  Talking with boy &c
who had bathed also.    More visitors.  A tre-
mendous rain storm, and presently hail of a
size I never saw equalled.     Hail stones as
large as bullets, and at last I had one in
my hand as large, (without the slightest)
exaggeration as big as a hen�s egg.   Knock, knock
they came down on the boards without.   The river
swelled and discoloured and roared outside,
The trees bowed and were drenched again, 
it was grand � sublime beyond description!
In the sulphur room, sitting by the great
blaze of the ages.   Thus for three or four               
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