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Text for Page 211 [07-29-1852]

              hours then [unclear word] vehicle which had conveyed the
other party and off.   One young Fellow � a frank
hearted, generous young American, employed in the
Tribune Office, name Jansen, had been in Europe.
I liked him very much.     We went to the battle-
field of Lundy�s Lane.  Spot where Hull the son
(noble fellow) fell.   Spot where they burnt the
soldiers bodies.     Poor English yeomen and country
homespuns to don red-coats, come here to fight
men having a good cause, and die!
     Back to the boat and across to the U.S.
side.     And to my room, by 9 or so, supped
and to bed, being very tired.      A regular
rain storm in the night, and a startling dream 
of Niagara, so vivid I believed it real almost 
in the morning
  30. Friday.   In doors  writing up diary,
till this present moment of 12 o�clock.  Then out
to the Cataract. The Horse-shoe Fall.  Rather
a dull, lowering day, the River, I think swollen
by the overnight�s rain-storm.  On the summit 
of the tower for an hour or twain, � had my 
hat blown over the Fall.  Return bareheaded
in the hot sunlight to the village & replaced it
by the other.   To Goat Island again, descending
the staircase to the foot of the rocks between the
Falls.   To the little hut where officiates the
nigger guide to the �Cave of the Winds� paid my
dollar, disrobed, dressed much after the fashion
I had worn, under the Horse-Shoe Fall & then
following him down a steep, wet and slippery
wooden staircase, descended through the drenching
spray, below the minor American Fall.  It is
comparatively speaking very brief, but also very
beautiful.   For all around you are circular               
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