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Text for Page 213 [07-31-1852]

              a thousand years after I�m dead and forgotten.
Returned, not feeling well, at all.    Tried to dine,
lay on bed, then having paid the old lady off with
carpet bag to the depot, and off for Buffalo � In 
extreme pain, insomuch that I had to go out between
the cars, sit down and vomit excessively � then
felt relieved, though weak.     Arrived at Buffalo.
Got in a hack carriage and to the Rochester dep�t.
After a dismal hour or so in the sitting room,
fell asleep on a sofa, my head on carpet bag.
Off by the cars, and for some twenty miles or
so, getting down at Byron, a little place, of
non import, save that the Railroad passes it.
Inquired for �Elisha Hall�, got direction and
with carpet bag along a country road, the sun
setting behind me.  Three long miles, passing
divers houses, but no wayfarers.  Then I ar-
rived at a neat wooden frame house, painted red,
snugly embowered in front by bushes & creepers.
Walked in, tapped & Mr Hall opened the door.
He knew me in a second � was 
surprised & well pleased.   So too was Homer,
when he came in, very brown, and rather hairy.
There were Mrs Hall, two or three other 
boys & three girls.              Gave me some new
milk, bread, butter, cakes, preserves and other
�fixins�, we sat talking till nigh upon 10, then
to bed, in such a comfortable bed that I never
experienced its equal, except at Chacombe.
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