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Text for Page 066 [12-21-1849]

              since Monday, I dressed and sought comfort and calm with
Nature.   A walk of two miles or so, neath the bright stars
which in company with his deep loved Beatrice, the sad Florentine
soared into.  Dante�s idea was a great one and worthy of his
poem.    /    Bergen rocks � climbed them.  Huge New York with
its redly twinkling lights, little Jersey � the dreary waste of landscape
each side. Emerson�s right, each Season hath its particular beauty.   /
Thoughts of Kent road, Cumming Street, Neithrop, Chalcombe, �
my life as far as its yet run �
  22. Saturday.  Up before day dawn.  At work on � Mose �
till the Evening.   Half-unwell.     A walk about Jersey with
Hughie in the evening.
  23. Sunday.  Long ramble all the icy, sharp, bracing morning,
with Hughie.   Pavonia-wards and homewards by Bergen-way.
I� the afternoon Fred and Edward Greatbatch came over to me on
a visit.  Give them candies, and tea, then, in the Evening cross
to New York with them and Collinson. He leaves us at East Broadway
and I with the boys to Christopher Street.   There till 10, then 
back to Jersey, melancholic.
  24. Monday.  Drawing �Mose�.   Herr Sanders, a just-ar
rived-and-here-boarding German sitting with me.       Evening
out with Hughie, for alhohol and lemons, for to-morrow night�s
consumption.       Taken by him to the much talked of �candy-               
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