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Text for Page 005 [08-01-1852]

              August 1852.
  1. Sunday.   Uprose, after making one sound nap of all the night.
And now for a glance round the room.  Imprimis it was snugly carpet-
ted to the feet, and the sides hidden by paper and curtains.   The bed
was under an arched space made to recieve it, deeply curtained, portly-
pillowed � a perfect shrine for �Morpheus or Eclympasteire, that was the
God of Sleep his heire.�     Five or six Chinese paintings, of river
scenery, fort and harbour, pales driven across streams to repel red-haired
barbarians &c     all of merit, perspective respected & well painted.
Books, Dickens words with others in plenty.  Table spread with dague-
rrotypes.   Haydon & his wife &c. Looking glass decorated atop by some
pretty dependent, willow looking summer creeper.   Other prints gaily co-
lored.   And a snug rocking chair to repose in & contemplate going to
bed in this exceedingly comfortable chamber of a Genessee farmer.
Up, extensive washing at the rear of the house with bucket & well
water.     Breakfast, ambrosial bacon, cakes, preserved fruits, pickles
&c, then out with Homer, his father and another son looking abroad.
In the wheat fields � they had got their crops in.  Looking at the various
machines in use, thrashing machines, &c, wheat cutting &c.  In barn
and about fields, then walked back with Homer to his house, at
a few hundred rods from his fathers.   Just a log-hut outside, 
humble enow to look at, snug enough within.   What is noticeable               
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