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Text for Page 006 [08-01-1852]

              in particular is, that so little attempt is made at pretty little gardens
around the houses.   Weeds grow & all looks wild & intended.   Homer�s
wife was within, not very well & asleep on the couch.  Sate talking
& eating currants for an hour or so, then Homer walked back with me
to the house.   In the orchard, he talking of grafting & other agricul-
tural mysteries.   Back to the house, repast � Old Mr Hall not
returning.          Had a long walk through & about the country with
him when he did, at sunset.         The roads run in right angles at
a miles distance from each other.     Genessee is highly cultivated and the
best wheat growing country in the States.   They have brought machinery
into play everywhere, and unless English farmers have, of late years, done
the like, (they may, since the Exhibition,)   Americans are infinitely
ahead of them.    Very peaceful and quiet & the day seemingly thrice
as long as when spent in crowded city.
  2.  Monday.  Out for a ride in �the buggy� with Mr Hall,
a mile or twain along country roads, to �the Store�, a sort of Caleb
Quotem establishment, for purchase and sale.  Thither did the
farmers resort to sell their wheat, (to be transported by the close by
railroad to Rochester, thence to New York,) thither they came to
buy tea, sugar, salt fish or the few things they �raise� not on their
own land.      After much talk, more smoking, gossip of �crops�,
and neighbours back we rode, with certain iron-ware �forms for 
Homer, divers salt cod-fish & some sugar.     Having deposited these               
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