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Text for Page 008 [08-02-1852]

              With two young fellows who chanced to be there we amused ourselves
by pebble throwing to the disturbance, doubtless, of the fish below,
then started off into a close thicket, Mr Hall & one in search 
for Sassafras.       The other being from Le Roy, close by, I question-
ed him about Heylyn, whom I knew had lived there some years,
but scarcely expected to find him still abiding there. �There
was an Englishman who answered that description�, hunted &
shot a great deal, � didn�t know his name & shouted to his
companion for it. �Heylyn!�    /      Finding no sassafras, back
we rambled through the copse, & across field till we descended
the steep banks to below Buttermilk Fall.        It was very
pretty, trees tall canopying us all around, the worn rock
where runs the stream, and big fragments which have tum-
bled over, standing on which we could see the trout darting
about.     Ascent, laboriously.    Buggy again and to Le Roy.
Quite a thriving places, gardens, white private dwelling houses &
shop fronts.      Had a glass at the tavern and inquired Hey-
lyn�s whereabouts.    Across a bridge being partially unplanked,
having carefully to tread its [unclear word] over the little stream below.
Heylyn�s house.  White wooden building, dogs big and little (,two,)
came out and he himself.                 And very much surprised indeed
was he!       Little altered, save having lost whiskers and moustache
plumper & country looking.   His wife also little changed &               
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