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Text for Page 009 [08-02-1852]

              recognized me, but would not have done so had not he descanted
upon my appearance when last he saw me in Jersey.     Supped
with them, then Mr Hall took his departure, Heylyn insisting
I must stay there that night & next day.       Out with him, he
having to attend an Odd Fellow Lodge, being Secretary.  Through
the town with him, wherein my beard & sombrero provoked considerable
staring.      Heylyn introducing me every where.    A contrast this
quiet country life in a corner of New York state, for a �fast�
young Londoner,  who spent overmuch of his substance in riotous
living.    And for some 6 or 7 years too.   He save for a certain
stove peddling enterprize in Michigan, hath done nothing but �hunt,�
& amuse himself, which last he could but ill effect, especially
in winter.       He was flurried at my arrival, considered it a
special act of Providence, in the way of poking him up to do some-
thing.    Says he�ll learn Surveying, � encouraged him in it. After
leaving me some half hour in the book-sellers store of the main
Street, Heylyn returned, and after imbibition we returned
though by a different route, as the bridge was unsafe after a shower
of rain such as had occurred during the time I waited for him.
At his house again, sitting in his best parlor, talking with
him and his wife.   Of old Beazleyian times & cronies.   Bye
the bye he had framed in the room a certain water color drawing
of the interior of Rochester Castle by Papa Foulon;  which               
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