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Text for Page 010 [08-02-1852]

              I recollected right well to have been present at the doing of.
Talking till 11 or so, then to bed, Heylyn and his wife
in their own chamber, myself in one adjoining it.
  3. Tuesday.     After breakfasting, with Heylyn to a certain stable
where he kept horse & vehicle, he busying himself with the latter,
(which looked very neat, being recently fresh painted.)   Back to the
house with him   & presently we were trotting out behind his horse
over the country roads at a brisk pace.      Talk of his projects of
acquiring Surveying &c.  An hour or so, and then after a devious
forest path, tying the horse we descend deep into a woody dell,
which for picturesque beauty could scarcely be equalled.   Tall trees
high overhead, the interlacing branches and verdure almost veiling the
unclouded azure of the blessed firmament above.      Trees and bushes
and flowers all around, unbroken quiet save for the chirp of
a bird, or buzz of a brief lived summer insect.          Return in
the afternoon, a meal, and then bidding adieu to Mrs Heylyn,
off side by side with Heylyn in the �waggon� for Mr Hall�s. There
we arrived at about half an hour after sunset.        Supped & then
with Mr Hall out for an evenings walk.        Homer was not there,
having been all day long thrashing.    (Bye the bye, in our talk of
the folk at Canal Street, he told me of a circumstance which con-
verts extreme suspicion into nasty certainty about little Mrs Dobson
& Tilton.      How he, Homer, accidentally walking into her room               
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