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Text for Page 011 [08-03-1852]

              one day, found them calmly reposing on her bed together.   The little
fool pays dearly for that ugly whistle now.     /                   A four
miles ramble, passing around a complete square formed by the right
angled roads.    Heylyn and Elisha Hall talking agriculturally, or of
the neighbours,   I occasionally joining in from time to time, or loiter-
ing in the rear musing on many things.
  How it was I know not, but my thoughts reverted with strange in-
tensity to a certain evening�s return from little Leyton, side by
side with ___   .   A summery starlight night, � July, eight years
ago, � my arm around her, my eyes looking into hers, her sweet breath
fanning my cheek, � each revelling in the most loving, reciprocal words �
words so deep, so dear � 				Never � More.        This
night a yearning took possession of my soul; like unto that of
Crusoe towards human kind when on his desert isle.        Where is she?
What is she? thinks she of me � ever?    She may be � married.
She may be, Oh God � dead.       I pray not.  I think even now, to
hear of the loss of that sweet life would shake my heart to dust.
And yet what a dry agony in the thought that she had wedded �
she, another�s wife.      She whom I have loved All My Life./
  I don�t know how the devil this is.           At all odd solitary
times comes comes up this thought � this ghost of Past loving to haunt               
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