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Text for Page 067 [12-24-1849]

              shop� where I saw his ladye love.    Little hard favoured
virgin with light hair � auld Scot�s woman her mother.   Some 
talk, then Hughie and I go Harsinius-wards.   Call on Cana-
dian Frenchman. Then Hughie went back to candy shop.  Eating
pea-nuts, talk, badinage, brandy and water, � toy and �candy�
purchasing for the children�s Santa-Claus stockmising.      Back
to 79, and an uproariously absurd half hour in doing it.    One stock-
ing � supposed to be unpopular Ellen�s ae [fill will?] candies, mould, black-
ing, tea cup fragments, bone &c.   Next � for Kitty all good, � cents &
confectionary. Next, baby�s � confectionary and bit of pork fat. Then
cat�s whisker singing, and uproariously to bed.
  25. Tuesday.  Christmas day.  Oh day of Dickens, and
home memories, � passed for the First Time away from Home and England.
I cross to New York, big mahongany-blocks under arm, clear, chill &
frosty day, sun out right gloriously.   Finding Warren Butler�s shut �
(a right thing too,) I leave big blocks at Bewitts and then stroll hither
and thither to see how the world�s best holiday is kept.  It was pleasant
and a sort of company for my lonelyness to see merry faces hurrying hither
and thither, to think of firesides and welcomes awaiting them.  Oh my
Mary, why are you not by me?  �	     /         A batch of equestrian
oddities ride by, all en droll costume, here a Spaniard, here a Turk,
here one half butcher with blue frock and huge trousers � boys run and
shout and grin.	  	Back to Jersey, dinner.   Afternoon
occupyed in lighting fire which had gone out. Herr Sanders with
me.  Droll stories about the Holy-coat of Treves. �[words crossed out],               
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