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Text for Page 012 [08-03-1852]

              me.     Whenever I am alone, � am tranquil, sad, meditative
and matagrabolized up springs the Old Story into Life.    And
this night I thought and thought, with such intense fervor that
my teeth would be set & hands clenched with at once mad
sorrow for the irrevocable past, and mad desire to know,
where is she, how is she, how looks her face now? /
  To the farm house, a cigar & bed, Heylyn sharing mine.
  4.  Wednesday.    Up by 5, hasty breakfast, adieux and
off with Heylyn to the village of Byron, where the Express train
paused, after our waiting some fifteen minutes.     Promised writing &
said good bye to Heylyn and off.        Rochester.           A busy and
thriving town.   Into cars for Canadagua, thence into others on
a branch of the Erie Railroad.   Here my return ticket came into use.
At first the day had promised to be sunny and fair, but anon it
came on to rain most dismally.        Fumigating in the baggage cars
with brakemen & conductors.      Elmira about the middle of the day,
which grew wetter as it progressed.        A pause of half an hour or
more.      Dismal people damp and doleful-looking.     Presently the
cars arrived.      Long train,  more dismal people, and all the windows
of the vehicles being closed,   inside they had an atmosphere of al-
most sulphuretted hydrogen savor.           Couldnt stand it.    To the
standing places or baggage cars, till extra carriages were hitched
on.     On and on, no intermission of rain.       Dinner, a               
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