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Text for Page 013 [08-04-1852]

              fifteen minutes paused.    On again.  Dozed a little, � on and on.
The day waned apace, passengers went to sleep, woke up ill tampered,
opened windows a finger�s breadth  then let them down with a querulous
smash as the rain drops in; mountain, hill side, valley and village
seen through the driving water drops.  On still.   Supper, at the
place where first I took a meal on the Erie Railroad. (I think it is
called Otisville.)   Arrived at Jersey at about 2 or 3 in the
  5.  Thursday.    morning, across on the wet ferry boat, recovering
carpet bag thereon, and through the unlit, sombre streets to 290 Broad
way, upstairs, unlocked door, all just as I left it.   So abed
and slept till 10 or 11.     Down stairs, looked into Swinton & Fay�s,
down town, breakfasted, called at Reveille & Literary World Office,
saw Mathews, to Lantern Office, (Powell there, Brougham playing in
Philadelphia) to Post Office &c   saw Randall and Weed; back to
room, drew two big Reveille subjects &c.     Evening at work or
  6. Friday.  Doing minor Reveille cuts.  Took them down town.
Calls &c.    To and fro all day, I recollect not the detail with
any degree of distinctness.   Waud upstairs with me awhile &
Davis came, (having the remains of damaged offices,   the result of a muss
he�d been in with a certain Paddylander, on the question of nationality)
To Mr Greatbatchs in the evening.        Fred in the country still.
Will Kidder climbed up stairs to see me this day, in the afternoon.               
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