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Text for Page 015 [08-10-1852]

              10.  Tuesday.   Dunsier called, as he did yesterday.   Lockington
called.  Did drawing, down town with it.   To Reveille office, then to Ex-
celsior, (meeting Hutchings there;)  to Lantern Office.   Dined with Powell.
To the Hamilton Avenue Ferry & crossing called at the new place of the
Dunsiers.   He having to go out as the afternoon wore on, I went up stairs
and dozed for two hours or more, during which there was a plentiful
rain & thunder storm.        Down stairs, supped with them, talking with
Dunsiers mother, an old Englishwoman, (widow of a Bermuda commisiarat)
who talk pleasantly, and had had Tom Moore for a guest, once for some
weeks.       Return to New York, and to my room.   Writing up
the last page or twain, the rain outside.
  11. Wednesday.  Up early, down town to breakfast.  [words crossed out]
     Called at Wells & Webb for blocks & at Lantern
Office, (no body there.)     Return, drawing on wood, hard till 1.   Dined at Gos-
lings.   Lantern again, saw Powell & others .   Return, called twice unsuccess-
fully at Mathews,  to room, drawing till 5.   Barth called.     Two cases of
cholera on the island, � (there�s six in New York also.)   Walked to Castle
Garden with Barth, saw him off, meditatively back.      Writing a letter to my
father apropos of Niagara, all the evening.
  12.  Thursday.   To Lantern Office with block, Randall calling just
as I quitted my room.    Saw Mathews at his place.  Back, at work
on the Reveille cut.   Dined at Reade Street shades, at 2. Finish
ing cut, to Randall & Weed with it.  Return & at work on minor               
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