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Text for Page 016 [08-12-1852]

              drawings till 7, then out to supper at Van Name & Bushs.   A glass
at the Shades, then return to finish my father�s letter, wrote on till
midnight & completed it.
  13.  Friday.   Randall came for minor cuts.  Work on the others.
Down town at 1, dined at French�s, left block at Randall�s, called at
Sachem & Lantern Offices & Post Office, sending off letters & papers.
Return, work on wood till 6, then to Goslings for supper, where
I met the elder Brown, who told me the particulars of his leaving
Beach Street, where he is now excommunicated by Bell book &
Candle.      Walked out with him, up Broadway far as Grand
Street, (where a luckless boy chanced to be run over by an omnibus;)
� being perched behind one vehicle, & stumbling, another passed right
over him.   We saw the rush & throng into a doctor�s shop. There�ll
be some mother�s heart aching with sorrow to-night.)   Left Brown,
� he�s prosy &c � nothing in him.         At Mr Greatbatchs.  Arranged
with Joe about a sea-side journey on the morrow.
  14. Saturday.  Goslings at breakfast.  Met Long.  Return to
room, drawing on wood.    Down town � about the room of Randall &c
being delayed till 1/2 past 3 for blocks, owing to the sullen laziness
of bare necked b�hoy-looking Banker.     Called at the Lantern
Office and at Lockingtons.   To Mathews & to Reveille Office with
cuts.     Return, (Joe had started.)     Called at Mr Greatbatchs.
Then to South Ferry, per omnibus.  Crossed to Brooklyn.   Met               
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