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Text for Page 019 [08-18-1852]

              18. Wednesday.   Finished Reveille subjects.  To Lockingtons, to
Dickinsons, (in whose room Weed & Randall hold part;) left cuts,
to Post Office & Lantern Office.     Dined.     Return in the afternoon.
Boy came with subject for Lockington.          Evening supped at Sweeney�s
and then called on Royal. There till 10.
  19.  Thursday.  Did drawing for Lockington & two Lantern
subjects, on wood.   Down town by 1, dined at French�s & to Lantern
Office.    Brougham returned.    After waiting some hour & a half saw Powell
& got $6 paid on account.     Walk up Chatham Street & to room.
Evening after supping, a ramble on the Battery.
  20. Friday.   Drawing on wood, subject proposed to take it
to the Harpers.     Evening, Barth called.     He, in the ensuing fort-night
to start for Fort Mackinaw, on one of the northern lakes, there to
tarry till his time of service be expired.     Out
with him, supped at the Saint Charles & then to Niblo�s.     A farce
and then ballet dancing, in which a certain Mlle Pougaud was the
star.  �La Manola�, an exuberantly coquettish, triumphant, defiant
exquisite Spanish dance was wonderfully done.     Certain other pirouettes
& entrech�ts were there also the reverse of decent & buxom Mlle was
very much under dressed even for the standard impudence of ballet
costume.              Met Mathews & Burkhardt there.  Left
at conclusion, to my room & a talk, then Barth left.
  21. Saturday.  All day long worrying about, during  a dull               
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