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Text for Page 021 [08-25-1852]

              the streets outside, which lulling awhile we issued forth  & dined
together at French�s.            Thence to Nassau Street,  when the
rain commencing again, we ran up to Broadway, descended into
Van Name�s & after imbibition remained matagrabolized, dumpish,
damp, dismal, doleful & splenetic for half an hour or more, then
parting each on his several ways.          Back to my den, which save
for purchasing bread & milk  I quitted not any more that day or
night.       All New York under atmospheric Hydropathy to a dismal
extent.        Reveille minor cuts.   Charles Lamb reading.         Bed &
bug-destroying at an hour past midnight.         Very dreary.
  26. Thursday.     Finished Reveille cuts.  Down town with them,
dined comfortably at Senior Goslings, called at the Lantern Office, 
only Powell�s son & heir within.  To tailors, got breeks I ordered
last week.  To Lockingtons, to Mathews with divers ancient wood-
cuts Lockington �propoged� to sell.     To Reveille office.       All
the time, the day was closely, perspiringly, clammily hot.    Return
to room. 
    Went to Royals at 6, gave him
oil painting, supped with �em, stayed two hours, then back to
room.     Conveyed foul linen to mine ancient laundress, inasmuch
that Davis hath revolted from conveying them to & fro to his
wife, seeing that it beseemeth not manly dignity.    To Webers
the bootmaker, left boots for reparation & bought a pair of dandy               
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