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Text for Page 022 [08-26-1852]

              varnished boots.       Then to Mrs Kidders.         Found actor Pope
there talking with Mrs K�s sister.         Presently Dick �Mount�
came in & Mrs K having descended,  Mount rambled off into a
whimsical tirade against the South, where he had of late been
travelling.     How the folk in Georgia live entirely on ham & eggs
& chicken, how they are ignorant of loaves, eating in lieu hot corn-
bread, how dreary is the landscape, destitute of grass &c, how lazy
are the people, with a thousand other extremes.   /                Talk
with Mrs K.  Lotty up and about, baby (like all others �a very
fine child;)    Lotty �worshipping� him (?) he wailing even more than common
to the nature of the animal.   Mrs K hath written to Whytal
about it.        Mason & Jane Gibson are wed � Friday last.  When
Barth & I met them, as we did just ere entering Niblo�s were
they about to accomplish this incorporation of duality into unity. Had
I known it, perchance I might have looked on Mason with awe �
� as one about to perpetrate matrimony.     Well, � the little cub
hath had better fortune than he [word crossed out] merits.   She�s a kind hearted,
frank girl, with no ill word of any one existing.         I heard
her story from Mrs K this evening.       Irish parentage, good
family, step-mother, � desirous of marrying her to some one she
didn�t like, she �in love� with a young Officer.          Quitting
suddenly for America, expecting him to sell out & follow � which
he did not, � correspondence for a year � broken off �               
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