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Text for Page 023 [08-26-1852]

              acquaintance with Mason, & that�s all � at present.
Albert Brown�s going to New Orleans � George is sick.
  27.  Friday.   Drawing.  Waud in my room awhile.
Down town, calls at the Reveille & Lantern Offices, to Brooklyn,
returned, room & drawing.  Waud came up at 3 1/2, out with
him with intent to bathe at Staten Island, but by the time we
had reached Trinity Church, heavy rain drops forewarned us
of coming storm.    Return, call at Roberts, there awhile
with him, to room again & then together to Brooklyn, by
the Fulton Ferry, to Grays Bath, where I had a swim, Waud
declining having in stumbling hurt his leg & wounded trouser.
Sitting on the quay, watching the sunset, supped on peaches
[words crossed out] & gingerbread.    Up Front Street, rambled
to the place where Waud & Davis bathe in the morning, � big
ships & outbuildings forming a space sheltered from observation.
Called on Davis, sat talking with him, (his mother-in-law
�Mrs Kerrigan,� good-tempered old Irishwoman in bed, the while,)
then with Waud, at his invite to his room � lodging.    A neat
white-washed room, bed in it & little else, into which we
speedily deposited ourselves.          (By the bye, walking
down Courtlandt Street, at 1 1/2 this morning, I was
pulled by my head-gear from the window of a passing om-
nibus, which stopping, out came Albert Brown, who               
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