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Text for Page 024 [08-27-1852]

              in a great state of exhilaration & excitement told me that half
an hour would witness his embarkation for New Orleans.
He hurrying off, I after dining went to the foot of Warren
Street; � but the �Crescent City� had just cleared out.  I 
met his brother Alfred there, who with Mrs Pennoyer & a
masculine unknown had come to witness the departure.    /   I
marvel whether little, foolish, improper Dob knoweth of it.
As an addenda to Brownian characteristics, while returning
from this, in Reade Street I met Charley Brown�s victim-
ized washerwoman, who asked me �whether he was yet in
Boston, or had I heard anything of him!�  [words crossed out]
  28. Saturday.   Up by 5 1/2, & donning trousers, & red
flannel Shirt to the bathing place, where were others dispor
ting themselves in the salt East River.     Davis with us.  Return,
dressed & to New York, dined ^|breakfasted| at Goslings Sen, to Post
Office, then to my room.        Papers &c, Joe came, with
a letter from home.       Annie Mitchell, bright eyed, affectionate,
pretty, foolish Annie Mitchell is wed to a certain Sweetapple,
had it puffed in newspapers & with husband and brother
Cornelius off to Australia.  /   Were all her children to leave 
I wonder whether that fat old Aunt of mine would feel it? /               
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