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Text for Page 025 [08-28-1852]

              It is supposed that my Uncle Samuel is dead.   His was a manly,
embittered spirit.     His life � a sad result of early follies &
disobedience to over-severe parents.     I liked him much & would
have liked him more, if he�d have let me.   I knew my mother
loved him sisterly all his life.  /          Joe off, he says, on
the 10th, by the �Ocean Eagle.�       /         Down town, to the
wood-peckers   Randall & Co,  got proofs, paid Randall, to
Lantern Office, saw Powell; (Brougham at Washington,) � to
Mathews, to the Reveille Office with cuts, saw Murphy, got
paid for last week, and out into the rain & mud again.
To the �Live & let Live�  saloon, dined.  Back to my room
by 4, out again to purchase white lead for the benefit of the 
bugs, which I could not compass.   So returned, dozed till
7, then puttying up holes in wall &c, writing, doing chores,
a perfect hurricane of wind & rain raging without.
  29.  Sunday.   Rain over, the streets washed cleaner than
I ever witnessed before, & wind boisterous.     Doing chores, and at
About 10 1/2 to the Shades & breakfast.    There reading papers
two hours or more, returned to room.    Reading, dozing, &
then a most extensive swabbing & scrubbing of the floor, of one
hours duration.      By 5, out & to Mulberry Street.    There
till 11 at night.           Talk of Australia.      Joe expects to de-
part on the tenth of next month.               
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