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Text for Page 026 [08-30-1852]

              30.  Monday.  Did drawings twain on wood.   Out by 12 1/2
called on Roberts.  To the Lantern Office, shut up for the nonce.
Dined at the �Live & Let Live�,  met Holcomb, gave him
block, to Lantern Office again, Powell not there, �not down to
day.�   To Reveille Office, to tailors, return to room.  Thence
to Canal Street for boots.   Return; then called at Roberts
again; � to the Battery with intent to cross to the Island.
But meeting Livers, & from him learning that they were over-
busy at the Hospital, with Death and Cholera, I performed
my visit.   An hour or two�s tranquil pacing up and down the
Battery walks.    Verily it is the pleasantest place New York
has to boast of.   And this afternoon it was very lovely to look
upon.  The river and bay rippleless & lake-like, the round
bright sun just at the horizon, cloudless sky,  lush & lusty
lawn like grass, all bright with the golden sunset, or chec-
quered with long tree shadows, & overhead all, deep um-
brageous shade.     Not till nightfall did I leave, than to
the Courtlandt Street Goslings & supped.       There an hour,
then up Broadway Roomwards.   At a book auction-store
met Holcomb and Levy.   Talking with them, (O�Brien passed
in, & out again, with his usual supercilious aping-aristocra-
tic-coolness.)     With Levy to my room, talk an hour
or so & then he left.               
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