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Text for Page 028 [09-01-1852]

              some impertinence by his whilome crony North. )        To
Castle Garden with Barth and there in the hot glorious
summer afternoon crossed to the Island.    Many inmates
sick in the Hospital of the Cholera,)  some deaths. /   Barth
having an Album with its feminine owners request for verses
I concocted some sixteen lines of horrific bosh, in which a
festive Nightingale rocked upon a red Ocean & a blood red
moon figured, whilk was straightway inserted.   Abed with
Barth, other couchs being occupied.  Hot & restless, mus-
quitos    humming hungrily, savage at the net curtains barring
their phlebotamizing practices.
  2. Thursday.  Over to New York with Barth, quitting
him at Barnums.   To Office & to work.  Barth came
again at 1 or so.  Dined together at Goslings, parting
at Castle Garden, he across the bright water and I back
to Lantern Office.   Brougham returned from Washington.
Got no money from them.  Returned to Office & Waud
coming up, agreed to accompany him to Brooklyn for a bathe
in the East River.    Fagan called & left.  To Brooklyn
with Waud, � a dark moonless night.   Calling on Davis,
he at supped & disinclined to leave, we sought the place.
Tide low, big lumbering vessels crowding up the little dock,
a juvenile Celt waiting there, perchance in the desperate hope               
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