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Text for Page 030 [09-03-1852]

              the foot of Jay Street, to see Roberts off for Sing-Sing, to a
�Camp-Meeting� there holden, at which his wife was.     He
solicitous of mine & Swintons company.   The boat not started,
more imbibition.    Boat started without him, whereat he seemed 
more pleased than otherwise & after more imbibition, we went
to the depot of the Hudson R R.     Determining of seeing a
Camp Meeting  I got aboard too, and off we go, along the Hudsons
margin, the carriages being crowded within we sit outside.  Past
Yonkers & Barry-town, (the railroad clang waking up the echoes
of Sleepy Hollow,)  and to Sing Sing.  Great concourse of
people there, thither brought by the Spiritual Concourse.  Divers
stage drivers to the Camp Ground, but missing them during
the operations of face washing & imbibition, they having started,
strolled by the river side, where Roberts must needs go a boating.
But the wind dying away we only progressed some thirty yards,
circumnavigated a dock  & came back again.        Into a vehicle
with some three others,  all uphill road, nigger-song singing
with exhilarant chorusses to the Camp Ground.      Arrived there,
a slight shower of rain having fallen, it was rather muddy under-
foot.    Large tents about, a great crowd, tall trees &
katy dids & locusts inhabiting them.   Noises of singing, of
preaching & praying.       In each of the tents there were
groups all engaged divers fashion.        Two or three men               
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