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Text for Page 031 [09-03-1852]

              lying in straw, a woman on her knees half delerious with
overwrought feeling & fanaticism, while some dozen [word crossed out]
men were praying & singing round her.        A painful sight to
witness. /    Anon in one of the tents, Roberts was accosted by his
sister, Butlers wife, & by her led to where his own wife &
their child was.    /   All three had been �camping out� since Tuesday)
Wandering about, rather moved for my own part to witness all
this morbid rhapsodizing.    As time wore on, a great crowd had
seated itself on roughly-supported plank, in a partially open place
& were listening to a sermon.          10 o�clock & Roberts, Mrs
Butler & I enter a vehicle & return to Sing Sing, Mrs Ro-
berts & boy remaining at the �Camp.�       After parting with Mrs B,
(who by the way during all the ride kept asking her brother in a
drawling affected tone, to� treat her,� to which [word crossed out] Ro-
berts repled he would if she�d accompany them to where it was feasible:)
we supped at a tavern, then to an adjacent hotel & abed toget-
  4. Saturday.  Up, breakfast & aboard, Roberts� wife, boy,
Mrs Butler all there.  Boat crowded, and speedily the major
part of the occupants, mindful of the �Spiritual Bust� they
had been partaking of, set to work singing and preaching. All
the hymn tunes sung were rather lively � one, the well known
       � There is a land of pure delight��               
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