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Text for Page 069 [12-26-1849]

              and oh god may it be thy will that I may soon have one
from thee.    Wife of my heart�s deep love how long will it be � 
how many Christmasses must pass, ere with a glad cry thou leapest
to my arms, to welcome thy now sad-hearted lover home?
  27. Thursday.  Poor Sander worse, unable to rise.  Suspecting that
he had the small pox I passed some hours hunting about confounded Jer-
sey for a doctor.  It was not till the afternoon that one arrived.  Young
fellow, cigar in mouth, hands in pocket. �Ah � I see! you�ve got the small
pox. � don�t want any medicine, or anything to eat � be still.� (Then
turning to me) �What are you drawing?�     Sander. �Den if I had
one pistol I would put him to my head and shoot my brains out!� Doctor
(very sternly) �Won�t you dye soon enough, then.�  /  Exit Doctor, and
Sander writes two letters, which I take over to New York for him.  All
the afternoon spent in doing it.  To a certain Saroni in Water Street, whom
I could see, (and as the event proved), didn�t care a pin for Sander, and 
to Norfolk St � a Mr Mercer.  This man I found with him, when re-
turned to Jersey.    All the fellows apprehensive of infection.   Walk
with Hughie, the evening, and a most dreary one.  Called several times
at Doctors, unsuccessfully.    Returning found John Rankin i' the kitchen.
Talk sanitory and doleful.  Hughie regularly faints away from over-
wrought apprehension.    To bed.  no one in the room, as Sander had
been removed into a seperate one; � bed stead all dreary, and fire out.
  28. Friday.  Drawing �Mose�.  Evening with Hughie to New York.
Up Bowery to the Gotham Baths. Warm bath. Then going homewards
an oyster supper.     /     Poor Sander very bad in his room               
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