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Text for Page 032 [09-04-1852]

              They sang to the air of the Christmas Carol
                      �God rest you merry gentlemen
                                Let nothing you dismay,�
many of their chaunts had pet chorusses to them, � the favourite
one being the rather ungrammatical assertion that
	              �There is a place of Rest remains �
                                  For the people of G�a�w�d!�
The whole of the forepart of the vessel was thronged, this way,
both above & below.   The majority both of singers & listeners were
women; � some older, earnest looking hard-faced men were there,
but the look where you would you saw, the common place & un-
interesting faces of women lit up with sectarian fanaticism.     And
presently a young men, smoothly shaven & with straight black hair
stood up and preached.   I heard it all, very poor theology as it
was, with infinite repetition.      Its marrow was this, sudden
& violent conversion & �Glory�.      No thought of Religion as manifest
in the detail of each days life, of home duties & doing unto one
another as you would be done unto.    Spiritual Dram-drinking
thats all.  /   Two or three, both sexes marched round the
boat anon singing hymns.     One girl had a comely, though
inane face, another fat & rather sensual looking.       But
the unwomanliness of the whole thing � the air of brandishing
their �faith�, as it were in people�s eyes!     Fancy one�s               
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