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Text for Page 033 [09-04-1852]

              mother, wife or sister doing this sort of thing.  Bah!    Among
all the women I saw at this Camp Meeting, not one did I
find looking other than a zealot startled from ordinary insipidity.
Roberts wife an amiable little creature, 
don�t think herself a �Christian�, wishes she were, & is a
little like Dob in the face, though pleasantly so.    
Butler�s wife is none of the wisest.    /              Arrived at New
York � (how freshly beautiful did the bright broad river and its
tall cliffs & leafy banks look in the morning�s light & how much
more worthy attention, eye & heart worship than the mopping & moving
within � )     we disembarked;    Roberts put the womankind into
a carriage & we went to his Office.       Left him & to mine.
Wrote copy for Reveille & other cuts, then down town, to the
Post Office, dined, to Dickinsens, to Reveille Office with cuts
&c, to Lantern Office.      About all the afternoon.  Lockingtons
  5.  Sunday. Barth came, have gotten a day�s holiday.  Breakfast
at Goslings, then to Staten Island for a days ruralizing. Find-
ing Swinton�s residence we called on him and sat in the
parlour conversing over a glass of wine most pleasantly.   A
goodly place is this of the paternal Swintons.      The long venetian
blinds were carefully closed, at once excluding the broad blaze of
sunlight without & insects [words crossed out]  annoyances.   The carpet, under-               
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