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Text for Page 034 [09-05-1852]

              which, according to an ingenious Yankee Custom, which-might
with advantage be adopted in England, was straw placed, had
a comfortable, substantial tread.      An English Piano, books, pictures
&c,   all things fitting.    Swinton is everyway 
different from his partner, red-headed &
lecherously talking Fay.      /        Through the garden, looking at
the beehives    &c, then off with Barth for a ramble in the
interior of the island.     Along a road & right into the woods
                                   �  Where the trees were green
                               And the winds were soft & low
                              Lying amid some sylvan scene
                              Where the long drooping boughs between
                               Shadows dark & sunlight sheen
                                        Alternately come & go.
Thus idling the day long, till waxing hungry we sought
the road & anon encountered two boys.   A precocious, a
presumptive, an ill mannered boy was one, having an overpowering
idea of the virtues & ferocity of his dog.      This boy did we
mystify exceedingly by extensive doses of chaff, feigning him to be
a savage inhabitant of the isle, & offering wild suggestions as
to his mode of life.      Indeed at my supposition, that the contents
of a neighbouring field were a flourishing crop of broom handles,
so moved was he that he threatened to � jump up & hit               
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