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Text for Page 035 [09-05-1852]

              me on the head,� (twice his height by the by.)       Under this
pilotage we arrived at the Four Corners, where were two
or three shanties, but closed.     So our guards were at default, where
at Barth bestowed cents upon them for the purchase of a sigar, which
act I poisoned by the suggestion that they�d cut it in half, & render
themselves extremely sick therewith.   Taking counsel with two of or
three men there sitting we went on & presently dined at a Dutch
tavern, cold beef, rye-bread & Lager Beer.       Back in
the evening & to New York.     Called on the Normans subsequently.
  6.  Monday.   Drawing &c.  To Lantern Office.    Dined at Goslings
where, at the bar I met May, whom I have seen off at Mrs
Kidders.     Heard how there had been a great row �tween Mrs K
& her sister Mrs Lawton, in which they called one another harlots ending in the latter 
quitting the house.
Thus it was,  Mrs K inclining to be despotic insisted on closing
�her house � at 11.  May stopping longer, sitting lovemaking with
Mrs L, Mrs K had come forth, & a row followed.     Whereupon
after assaulting her sisters throat  Mrs K did set down and
write a letter telling her sister she was a ___,   next morning
more row, recriminations, Mrs K wanted to send for the police,
& her sister left.            What a damnable woman that is.
Warmed with the subject May let out �what he knew�, how
General Wallbridge � (the old fellow I saw once at Franklin
Street)  had a key to Mrs Kidders door to let himself in               
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