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Text for Page 036 [09-06-1852]

              ___ &c.     I believe it�s true for my part.  A woman who
believes not in God, is monstrously vain, full of hates &
vanities & infinitesimal spites would be a strumpet.
  Writing, drawing &c all day.   Don�t recollect detail.
  7.  Tuesday.  Reveille & Lantern Office.    Drawing
Reveille work all the afternoon.
  8.  Wednesday.   Finished Reveille work by 1.   Dined at
the �Live & Let live�,   to Randalls with blocks, then to
Reveille, & Lantern Offices.   Got no money from the latter.
They owe me $39.        Met Mc Lenan.   
Out with Powell, no go.        Return to room.     Joe called in the
evening. With him to Mulberry Street, & then together to Holt�s
boarding house in Robinson Street, calling for Martin & a certain Cali-
fornian, all four then proceeding to Broadway where Joe purchased
a Colt�s Revolver, five barrel, paying for it & �fixings� $20,50.
Martin leaving us, we turned in the Shades, sat conversing for an
hour or so, then the Californian left � a good humored, brown faced
Western man was he, � had gone the Overland Route, from the
Mormon City, & had much to tell of digging & washing, of chasing
and slaying Indians � having first made his way to California in
1848.               Parting with Joe at 10, I looked in at Beach
Street for an hour, then to room & bed.
9.	Thursday.   Doing Lockingtonian subjects all the morning.               
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