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Text for Page 037 [09-09-1852]

              Barth came at 1.   With him to Mulberry Street in the expectation of
finding Joe, but he was not in.       Barth leaves for Fort Mackinaw
on the morrow.   Dined together at the Shades, then after box purchasing
at Greenwich Street, to the Lantern Office, where Barth left me.
There an hour, desultory dunning Powell for part of the now owing $39.
Return to room.  Joe came & after an hour or so Barth.    Taking
revolver to pieces, studying construction &c.        To the �Live & let
Live�   where we supped.       Subsequently sitting talking for an hour
or twain  in the Park, then accompanying Joe as far as Canal
Street, back to room.   Sitting up talking.  Abed about 2, 
making up one on the floor for Barth.  He off in the morning.
  10.  Friday.  In doors working & matagrabolized all day till
just at sunset Barth came rushing in, bidding me hurry to the North
River with him to witness his embarkation.   There we found Beukman
and anon Livers came.        Barth and his fellow voyager aboard
and soon the big steamer began to move, and sitting on a post at
the dock end   I witnessed Barths exit from the stage, (my stage �
every one�s the hero of his own life�s drama;) for ten months. Felt
dismal and after an hour or twos work on some blocks Lockington�s
boy had brough in the afternoon    went to Mr Greatbatch�s. There
an hour or two.         Wrote letter home.
  11.  Saturday.    Joe and the boys called, being going down
to the ship.  (Drawing awhile, then to my usual Saturday               
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