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Text for Page 039 [09-13-1852]

              at land for four � it may be six months.     Went below, pitch
darkness and a blockade of people at their dinner.  A long, low
narrow table, moveable at pleasure, (being I think suspended ) and
all the emigrants crowded seated or standing around it, getting relays
of very salt beef and hard biscuit.          A hand on my shoulder.
Its Joe.  Father & the rest had left � all taken leave of him.
So he got his portion of beef, and buiscuit and going round to the
side of the vessel where his berth was, ate it, I sitting beside him.
Rather dismal was the good fellow, and naturally enough.     On deck
and off for sundry drinks, then aboard again, and presently the big
ship began to move out.     I shook hands & bid God speed him,
and waited half an hour or more, looking at the thronged vessel
with those hoping souls within her.       It was a grand sight, � sad
withal, yet hopeful.         Sturdy young, active men for the most part
were the voyagers to the Land of Gold, � some two hundred
numbering the crew.     Bright beautiful sky overhead, golden
light on mast, rigging and water, New York never looked fairer,
there on deck stood the throng of fellows looking out at it, bidding
it farewell.           I got on a tall post and when, the vessel
being fairly out, the folks set up a cheer, hurrahed mightily
yet with a sorrowful feeling at heart for  Joe.       I hope he�ll
have luck.              Crossed to Brooklyn, back, supped at
the �Live & let Live�,  met Martin, and to my room.               
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