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Text for Page 040 [09-13-1852]

              Waud came.     He now at work for Chapin, and doing well.
Out with him and imbibed.
  14. Tuesday.   Drawing big Reveille Cut.   A letter from
Barth, at Buffalo.      Down town, Reveille & Lantern
Offices.   Randall calling.   At the Lantern Office, I found the usual
assemblage of unfortunate fellows dunning Powell.  Watson irate &
rebellious.      The Seymours (alias Baileys,) in waiting.        The
Lantern is in debt with everybody, & I think no one has an
interest (pecuniarily) in its existence, save Powell.    Good-tempered,
genial   John Brougham, one can�t dun him.   I don�t believe he
takes money out of the concern.  Powell I know does � he lives
on it & his family.         A most ingenious, indefatigable humbug he is
too,   ever promising never performing, � now half rallying-half
bullying, dodging, feining, everything.      All the fellows have the
like experience of him.      He�s given orders for money on Dexter
(always repudiated on presentation)  to each; � he�s taken them
out where he�s to receive money, (which he is always disappointed
in.)   He�s bidden them wait ten minutes & bolted for the day.
  All have money among them, artists, wood-peckers, scribblers
� all.     Verily as North�s �Aunt� hath it, Diogenes is a promising
man & hath hopeful contributors.          After supping in com
pany with Waud, Swinton & Fay, off along to Metropolitan               
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