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Text for Page 041 [09-14-1852]

              Hall, there to hear Alboni, Powell having given me a ticket.
The great hall was very full; � the pieces selected chiefly from
modern composers, Donizetti, Rossini, Auber &c.   Two male
singers, Rovere & Sangiovanni, & Alboni formed the attractions of
the night; � an opera chorus accompanying.   Alboni is a fat comely
woman with a handsome Italian face.   But how shall I speak of
her most delectable, rich, sweet voice; � the most exquisite one I
have ever chanced to hear.        The fulness, the luscious melody of
her lower notes are indescribable.   Old Crashaw who described the
contest twixt musician & nightingale might have done it.  Let him
help me [word crossed out] doing faint justice to the voluptuous delight of Marietta
Alboni�s                                     �lubric throat
                           The panting murmurs still�d out of her breast,
                           That ever-bubbling spring, the sugar�d nest
                            Of her delicious soul, that there does lie
                            Bathing in streams of liquid melody.�
  That �Ah non guinge�  from Somnambula, � wouldn�t the
Composer have fallen in love with Alboni could he have heard her
sing it.  The heaven-on-earth rapture of the village girl � so happy
in her love & lover, so deliciously given!     /                Either the
crowd who rave of Jenny Lind just go as sheep do, sans reflection,
or I�ve some defect in my musical organization, � for to my mind
I prefer Alboni.          I�m somewhat loth to think it, but I               
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