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Text for Page 042 [09-14-1852]

              do, that there�s considerable humbug about Jenny.     Was she chari-
table or politic � which?            Those who knew her, nearly, here,
werne�nt favourable in their notions.  And she married a little
money loving Jew.
  15.  Wednesday.     Drawing on wood.  Reveille subjects.
Down town, dined � waiting at Genin�s during a rain storm.
Lantern Office.   Post Office, Dickinsons.     Return through rain.
Called at Mr Greatbatch�s in the evening.            Poor Joe � four
or five hundred miles out at sea �  & perchance very sea sick �
how thinketh he of his four poster at home, now?  /           Had
a letter from Heylyn today.      A letter from Barth yesterday.
  16. Thursday.   Drawing on wood till 2. Down town, to the
�Sachem�  Office, Picton & some half dozen members of the �Lone
Star association there.       Picton & Wren, (Presidents) attempt to
convert me to the cause of filibusterism &c.       Imbibition.       To
the Lantern Office.  Powell & Brougham.    Sold my drawing
getting money for�t or shouldn�t have let it go.     
By way of explanation for demanding ready cash I
intimated the outstanding debt. �Does the Lantern owe you
$39?� says   Brougham.   Powell looked hot &
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