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Text for Page 045 [09-19-1852]

              throughout the day, during the latter part, up on the rocks
summit, amid the little inclosed, tree bordered patches of
lush & lusty verdure there abounding.    Waud having wandered
off, Fay & I returned at an hour after sunset, & supped
at the �Live & Let Live�, on quitting which we met Waud.
I returned with him.
  20.  Monday.  Working.  Mr Weldon came, stayed half an
hour, looking over my books   & departed with the Second Part of
�Faust�.         Out.   to Chamber Street, saw Mr Greatbatch.   To
the �Recruit� office a Democratic Campaign paper, started for the
vilification of Scott & the beautification of Pierce, (of course edited
& conducted by Irishmen.)    Down town, met Picton at the drinking
shop � he in conversation with J B Holmes, who had sought him
out to join the �Lone Star� association for the purpose of Cuban
invasion.  Much talk thereon.          Holmes has been in Cuba before
and the purity of his motives consist of hate to Spaniards & monarchy
& anticipated women ravishment.       Says he  �I know a house
where there�s three beautiful girrrls & if you�ll go, we�ll
share!�  /     Other calls.     Saw Hutchings, got paid $4 for
Picayune cut.  To the Lantern, no money.    To Wells & Webb,
Post Office &c    Dined.     Return, & drawing on wood.  Down
town again to Lantern Office, partially inclined by the promises
of that magnificent liar Powell.   Watson and Seymour (alias               
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