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Text for Page 046 [09-20-1852]

              Bailey there.)     Return to room.     An hour or so after
sunset, to the Courtlandt Street Goslings, there to sup, where
I met Hutchings.)         Walked to Beach Street & remain-
ed till 11 or so there,  Lotty singing & playing.  I saw 
�the baby�.     Dan Dod hath returned to Cuba, & the house
is comparatively empty.    Mrs K is again in the dress-making
line, employing some dozen or more of �young persons�, with
whom to play the confused parts of Madame Mantalini & Miss 
Knagg,       Mason & wife  seclude themselves not quite so much,
as before marriage & the once Jane Gibson is as might be
expected  a true & loving wife to the little cub.
                        Lotty intimating she�d
like to go to Burtons to see �Copperfield� played, I
offered to take her, & so it was agreed upon.
  21.   Tuesday.  Working on wood, Reveille cuts &c.
Down town calls as usual  & to Lantern Office, Reveille
& Picayune.   Drawing during the afternoon.   Evening
at Mr Royal�s, calling there after supping at that B�hoys
Restaurant Sweeneys.
  22. Wednesday.  Minor Reveille cuts.  Watson called
about my making a drawing whilk I declined.  By the
way, seing the flimsy little �trader�s guide� published
by Lockington on my table,  Watson took it up & gan               
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