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Text for Page 047 [09-22-1852]

              to descant on him  not at all favourably, saying he�d been
�in Newgate for two years, for forgery.�        Now this
was droll, seeing that divers rumors are rife how Watson himself
hath committed the like rascality.
                    �Through all the employments of Life
                            Each neighbour abuses his brother � !�  /
Randall came for Reveille cuts & had �em.  Finished the minors
& rebusses, sending off the latter by Lockington�s boy, who called.
Mr Royal called and tarried awhile.                Out by 10, &
round to Burtons to take seats.     Dined at 2 at the
Shades, then down town to multitudinous calls.   Mathews, Reveille,
Picayune, Lantern, &c   Post Office & Lockingtons, where
he informed me how the �Traveller� was to be resuscitated
again, and gave me blocks for drawing for�t.    Called at
Holmes�.         Returned to room by 5, found a letter from
my mother inclosing one from Boutcher, bearing the Papal post-
mark & written from the Seven hilled City.   /       To Beach
Street by 6, saw Mrs K and the boy Will.   Was
told by Mrs K with some slight acerbity how Lott was at
her Uncle�s, having written me a letter postponing theatre
going, (which, of course I had not gotten.)       Recieved the
news with exemplary coolness & talked awhile.   Small boy
Will was horridly anxious fist[first] that he should form               
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