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Text for Page 048 [09-22-1852]

              a substitute for his sister   & then that his mother should;
for both of which suggestions he was indignantly snubbed by
her, � albeit she twice repeated �she should go out some-
where that evening!�   It being expected Lotty would return
soon   I stayed tea, which was got through in true boarding-
house style, Mrs K leading off with, to the attendant hand-
maiden, �There put some more water in this tea-pot, � its
too strong for me to drink it, I�m sure!�     It was
respectable tea.    Few persons present, Dod junior & some
four others, an elderly proser at the end of the table.
Mason & wife appeared towards the close of the repast.
But before then, Lotty had returned.   �Did you get my
note?� �No!�  �Did you take seats?�  �Yes!�  �Then
we�ll go!�     And go we did, her mother refusing to 
lend Lott a fan, out of pique.                 It was half past
7 by the time we got to Chamber Street & the play
had progressed half way through the first Act.    But the
seats were secure & front ones too.           So establishing
ourselves, the play went on.
  I don�t know that I ever enjoyed a play more.   To
have this little girl beside me, to touch her
hand, her arm,  to have that jetty maze of curls
brush my face as sometimes it would,               
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