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Text for Page 049 [09-22-1852]

              when she�d throw her little head back, and laugh outright,
unrestrainedly, with [word crossed out] her pretty mouth & white teeth,
� pearls set in coral.         I wish I could draw Lotty Kid-
der�s face.   She looks best in profile.    It is not regular-
ly beautiful, � one might cavil at it, � her complexion is
not clear, � slightly [word crossed out] freckled; � but how infinitely
more fascinating than a hundred faultless beauties.    Let me
see whether I can sketch her in pen and ink detail. Fore-
head, neither too high nor low, nose � decidedly nez retrous�e
pretty enough; mouth � delicious.  Ah!  the sweet upward
curve of the upper lip, the round ripe beauty of the
lower.    And her chin is [words crossed out] singularly beautiful.
Eyes, bright, hazel and lustrous with animation, fringed
by delectable black eyelashes, fine as drawn by a pencil,
and involuntarily suggestive of eastern pencilled eyebrowed 
Cheeks soft and rounded � most deliciously so when she
smiles or laughs.      This face
framed by a maze of jetty curls, was beside me all
that pleasant evening!
  Alas [words crossed out] that this delectable little creature
should be � as in sober sooth she is � a little snob!
[word crossed out] Vain, fickle in liking & disliking � pettish
and petty � I�ll write no further against her �               
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