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Text for Page 050 [09-22-1852]

              by Jove the Thunderer.     How the devil could she �scape
being other-wise, with such a thing for a mother �
such a world of trashinesses, spites, conceits and vanities
to gasp, not breathe in.    Out ye villains! play out the
play!          /                          It was well played for the
most part, and I can�t find higher praise for the �Uriah
Heep� of the piece, than to say he made me believe in
the character more than the book did.   His make up was
wonderful.  The writhes & twistings seemed not forced and
intruded, but natural impulses.  This same excellent actor
did I see play (the German) in the �White Horse of the
Peppers� some time back at the Lyceum.  �Ham� was
well played, � so was that damnable creature �Rosa Dartle�.
Micawber was caricatured of course, and as Lott said
indignantly under her breath, �smutty.�     She enjoyed
it hugely, was even much affected by the more serious
parts of the piece.        The house was crowded.
  Farce succeeding over we left & walked to Taylor�s
had oysters & cobblers, & then  I left her at her
own door.             I didn�t make love to her, 
albeit I think I know her & like her better
than the ones who have.  But a pretty ass I should
be to be building fool�s paradises just now!               
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