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Text for Page 051 [09-23-1852]

              23.  Thursday.  Down town by noon, to the Reveille &
Lantern Offices.   Got paid $5 at the Latter & $3 as
half payment for two other drawings I took there.  Calls.
Dined, to Castle Garden; � called on May, in Wall
Street, and returned with a big piece of lead Ore, from a
mine, of which he and others have control.   To room.
With Waud to sup at Goslings in the evening, had called
on him at Chapin�s in the course of the day.
  Now is it an hour past midnight & I�m to bed.
  24.  Friday.  In doors, drawing hard, on wood, all the
day, only going out to the �Shades� for dinner, & Shelleys for
supper.   Did the big Lantern filibustering cut, for Picton, and
a notion to take to the Picayune.   Waud called at 6, staying
but a few moments.           Day overcast & chill, threatening the
usual equinoctial storm preluding Autumn.
  25. Saturday.  Being returning from breakfast at Sweeney�s,
to the accompanyment of the deep booming of the City Hall bell,
there rushed by some five or six fellows with their Hose Carriage;
I following it and then came to Duane Street, some five or
six houses from Broadway, east side, where was the fire.  It
was at a Confectionary & French Chocolate Manufactory.  The
flames were raging within the top-most story & soon darted
off of the casements, red and luridly wicked looking, volumes               
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