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Text for Page 008 [07-22-1849]

              22. Sunday. Reading, idling and drawing till afternoon;
then called at George and Joe�s boarding-house. There, talking 
together on the door �stoop� at the back of the house till past 5.
In the Evening, they calling on me, we took a walk by the 
riverside; meeting the boys by the way.	Looked in at Grove
Street, in returning.
  23. Monday. At work on �Mose� all day. Fred came in 
the afternoon to go on an errand to New York for me, which 
by leaving the money behind him he made a mess of.      George called 
and we had a walk together.
  24. Tuesday. To Bobbett and Edmond�s, with the first block of
Mose, and with the latter to Stringer and Townsend�s. Talk thereon 
with Stringer, also as to my supplying illustrations to a Guide book 
projected by the Erie Railway Company. (200 miles of fine country, 
free ticket to travel hither and thither and 225 dollars.)	Made 
a call at Harpers. (the methodist book publishers who have made 
a fortune by republishing English books, � and some of them of 
a most trashy and libertine sort.)	Saw a cart overturn, 
very neat spell. 	Back to Jersey City.	Evening a walk 
by the river with George and Joe, afterwards the former only 
Grove Street, and a call there.	At dominoes in a little grog-
shop, temporarily occupied by Wing, a fellow boarder of George�s.
  25. Wednesday. New York. Bobbett and Edmonds. Then               
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