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Text for Page 071 [12-31-1849]

              �49 � thou hast introduced to me many a new face and
scene.  O faithfully kept record of them, with what names, thoughts
and deeds will thy pages be covered in the new-coming year.  With
what thoughts will the name dearest to my heart be blent then � ? Or
may not blank Death check my talk, begun in boy-mood, and contin-
ued this long. �
  One thing I�m resolved in � to quit this confounded house and
Jersey City ere another month has passed.  Go ahead � solitude
better than such company.
1850 [illustrated]
�Blessed is he who expecteth nothing for verily he shall never be
disappointed.�	Pope�s bit of Martin Scribberus, (if I recollect
right.) 			       January.
  1. Tuesday.  Crossed to the dirty City.  Not so however this day,
frost, ice, snow, clear, exhilarating morning.  And in Broadway
a sight enough to cheer the heart of threescore and ten with the tooth-ache.
Sleighs of all sizes and fashions, merry ringing of bells on the horses,
buffalo and fox skins hanging over the seats, � verily this keeping
up New Years day thus is commendable, originate as it may �               
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