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Text for Page 052 [09-25-1852]

              of dusky, murky smoke choking the clear fresh morning air
and soaring up into the pure blue ether.   Soon other engines
& hose carriages had arrived in great numbers, yet at least
twenty minutes clapsed ere they had plated one stream of water 
on�t, and the lower story was then blazing fast & furious.
A great crowd blocked up the street, spite of the heat &
smoke.   Getting on an elevation I remained viewing all.  Men on
house-tops & at windows, firemen running to & fro hoarse shouting,
sturdy workers at the engines, streams of water rising into the
building, fellows pelting casements to smash the stubborn glass
behind which the devilish element lit up wicked illumination,
great pieces of stone work & brick toppling down, ladders
roused, & all the accompanyments attendant on the ground
dwells �twixt the two elemants.   Three stories all on fire,
and the policemen are busy moving the throng on, as from the
top of an adjoining wall firemen are seen with a ladder thrust-
ing at the slender wall.        It tatters & falls, in pieces at
a time, with great crash & blinding smother.   Firemen
are busy preventing the spread of the flame to the rear of
the adjacent houses.            Unable to penetrate to Broadway
I pass round & calling at the corner house of Duane &
Broadway, Watson�s place.   Door closed at his room,
so I ascended to the roof, and emerging on a broad               
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