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Text for Page 053 [09-25-1852]

              flat surface where were many lookers on straggling about;
at the extreme corner I found engraver Copcutt, looking down
on the crowded street & into the burning building.        By him
I was told of the death of an individual, � which however he er-
roneously supposed was caused by a fall from housetop.  It after-
wards appeared that the man � a fireman had been struck by
the hoisting wheel of the building, while in the lower part of 
the house.  The poor fellow died very soon, at the adjacent City
Hospital.     Some others were hurt by falling stones.  /   To
my room,  Swinton & Fays.        Wrote words for Reveille Cuts &c
then down town, to Picayune Office.  To Sachem Office, leaving
big drawing on wood for Lantern, for Picton�s inspection.  To the
Post Office & Randalls.       Met Watson.      To the Lantern
Office,  Powell, Banks, North &c there.   Picton came with
Wren, �President of �the Lone Star Association�, & my cut,
out with them.   To Reveille Office & Mathews.    About
till 2 1/2 when I had got the cuts safely delivered in &c.
Dined, called on Lockington &c, Waud, Lantern Office
again.  To room, and with Waud & Fay in the evening
to the Lyceum, there to see Sheridan�s Rivals played.
Brougham played Sir Lucius excellently, � and indeed
every part was as well done as might be, � a  capital 
nights entertainment.   An extravaganza of Lover�s hight               
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